New Track: Pale Disguise

Pre-order for our new record will begin on Thursday July 3 at 9am (pacific).


We are offering four different combinations you can order. We will be limiting the pre-sale to one order per person.

  • White with Red Splatter Vinyl with Digital Download
  • Green and Translucent White Vinyl with Digital Download
  • Combo 1: White with Red Splatter Vinyl AND Green and Translucent White Vinyl. Comes with Digital Download
  • Combo 2: White with Red Splatter Vinyl, Green and Translucent White Vinyl, Black 1st Pressing Vinyl, and Tour Only All White Vinyl. Comes with Digital Download (Only 50 available)

Worldwide shipping is available.

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6 Responses to New Track: Pale Disguise

  1. EJC says:

    That new track kills! Can’t wait until August!

  2. abc says:

    Fuck FYF,
    Play in LA


    ok. we will announce some more shows on Monday.

  3. P Mc says:


  4. Luke says:

    I love the murder city

  5. Arturo Trujillo says:

    What is the Chorus of “Pale Disguise”? I got “Here stands the Asshole”.. But I can’t make out the rest : }/


  6. Arturo Trujillo says:

    Tonight at The Glass House in Pomona, CA.. Was the best MCD show that I’ve seen in a couple of years! Furious & brilliant!

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