Vinyl Colors for New Album

We are not sure what Merchbot was talking about earlier. The White Ghost Has Blood on Its Hands Again will be released on August 5. Since he has spilled the beans on vinyl colors, here they are. Pre-order information will be up shortly.


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8 Responses to Vinyl Colors for New Album

  1. CGB says:

    Seriously. ill buy them right off of ya Corey

  2. EJC says:

    Count me in for a set!

  3. chris says:

    Let me buy now damn it

  4. rachel says:

    where is a link to buy them?

  5. Jones Foyer says:

    TAKE MY MONEY! GIMMIE! please.

  6. Isaac Daum says:

    How do I get the red splatter? TAKE MY MONEY!

  7. shane turner says:

    In for 1 splatter!

  8. edi says:

    take my money! leaving internet zone tomorrow dont wanna miss out!


    sorry to say it is not happening today or tomorrow.

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